FBTech 100Ah 48V Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

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FBTech 48V series lithium iron phosphate batteries can provide reliable backup power for access network equipment, remote switch, mobile communication, transmission equipment and other systems with their integrated structure design, intelligent centralized monitoring and standardized cabinet installation. The product can realize multi-group parallel connection and provide flexible and effective power system solutions for telecommunication operators.



  • The cells with lithium iron phosphate technology has high safety and long service life.
  • The built-in intelligent BMS battery pack management system can effectively prevent battery over charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature.
  • The built-in intelligent battery equalization control system can effectively improve the consistency of battery packs, prolonging the service life of battery packs.
  • Standard 19-inch box design, easy to install and upgrade
  • RS485/RS232 communication output for monitoring
  • Maintenance free

General Characteristics

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity@0.2C

100 Ah

Min. capacity@0.2C

97 Ah

Nominal energy



483x385x222 mm, 19 x 15.2 x 9 inch


51.8 kg / 114 lbs

Electrical Characteristics

Working voltage range


Recommended charging voltage

56.8 V

Max. continuous charging current

100 A

Max. continuous discharging current

100 A

Peak current

120A < 0.3 sec

Short circuit  current

440A < 500 µs

Internal resistance

60 m ohm

Self discharge

< 3.5% per month

Cycle Life (25oC, 0.2C, 80% DOD)

3500 cycles

Operating Conditions

Charging temperature

0oC - 45oC

Discharging temperature

-20oC - 45oC

Storage temperature

-10oC – 45oC

Storage duration

12 months @20oC

Parallel function

Maximum support 16 groups in parallel,

recommended no more than 12 groups


ETL with ANSI/CAN/UL-1973 standard


2 years

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