Morningstar Tristar TS-60 60A PWM Charge Controller

Morningstar Tristar TS-60 60A PWM Charge Controller

  • $379.99


Manufacturer Part Number: TS-60

Morningstar’s TriStar Controller is a three-function controller that provides reliable solar battery charging, load control or diversion regulation. The controller operates in one of these modes at a time and two or more controllers may be used to provide multiple functions.

The TriStar uses advanced technology and automated production to provide exciting new features at a competitive cost. The optional TriStar meter is the most sophisticated and informative controller meter on the market. The controller is UL listed and is designed for both solar home systems and professional applications.



Rated solar, load or diversion current:
        60 Amps
System Voltage 12-48V
Accuracy 12/24V: 0.1% +/-50mV 
48V: 0.1% +/-100mV
Min. voltage to operate 9V
Max. solar voltage (Voc) 125V
Self-consumption: Controller > 20mA
Meter 7.5mA


  • Operating ambient temperature: Controller –40°C to +60°C

    Meter –40°C to +60°C
  • Storage temperature: –55°C to +85°C
  • Humidity: 100% (non-condensing)
  • Tropicalization: Conformal coating on both sides of all printed circuit boards

Electronic Protections

  • Reverse polarity protection (any combination)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Lightning and transient surge protection using 4500W transient voltage suppressors
  • High temperature protection via automatic current reduction or complete shut down
  • Prevents reverse current from battery at night

TriStar Options:

  • Digital Meters

    Two digital meters can be added to the TriStar at any time during or after installation. One version is mounted on the controller (TS-M), the other is suitable for remote locations (TS-RM):

    • TriStar Meter (TS-M) — 2 x 16 display mounts to controller and provides system and controller information, data logging, bar graphs and choice of 5 languages
    • TriStar Remote Meter(TS-RM) — Includes 30 meters of cable for mounting meter away from the controller

    The display is a 2x16 LCD meter with backlighting. Four pushbuttons are used to scroll through the displays and to execute manual functions. There are a series of display screens that provide information such as:

    • operating information and data
    • operating bar charts (voltage and current)
    • alarms and faults
    • diagnostics
    • settings

    In addition, there are various manual functions built into the meter. For example, the meter can be used to reset Ah data or start/stop equalizations. One of 5 languages can be selected for the meter.

  • Remote Temperature Sensor

    Provides temperature compensated charging by measuring temperature at the battery (10 meter cable)

    If the temperature of the system battery varies more than 5°C (9°F) during the year, temperature compensated charging should be considered. Because the battery’s chemical reactions change with temperature, it can be important to adjust charging to account for the temperature effects. The RTS will measure the battery temperature, and the TriStar uses this input to adjust the charging as required.

    The battery charging will be corrected for temperature as follows:

    12 V battery 0.030 Volts per °C (–0.017V per °F)
    24 V battery 0.060 Volts per °C (–0.033V per °F)
    48 V battery 0.120 Volts per °C (–0.067V per °F)

    The RTS should be used only for battery charging and diversion control. Do not use the RTS for load control. The charging parameters that are adjusted for temperature include:

    • PWM regulation
    • Equalization
    • Float
    • High Voltage Disconnect


  • Dimensions: Height: 26.0cm/10.3 inch

    Width: 12.7cm/5.0 inch

    Depth: 7.1cm/2.8 inch
  • Weight: 1.6 kg/3.5 lb
  • Largest Wire: 35mm2/2 AWG
  • Conduit Knockouts: Eccentric 2.5/3.2 cm (1.0/1.25 inch)
  • Enclosure: Type 1, indoor rated

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