Flat Roof ABS Mount 3

  • $45.99

lat Roof ABS Mount #3

Good for 1 piece 36 cell, less than 200W solar panel. No need to drill holes on the roof.

Includes: 2 x 20.5", 2 x 7" side mount brackets

Applications: RV, motorhome, trailer, boat, flat roof

1. An ideal way to fix solar panels on the roof or deck of motor home,caravans,boats & roof.
2. The mounts can be safely bonded to the surface removing the need to drill holes using Sikaflex-252.
3. Mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain the correct air gap between the solar panel and the roof top/deck.
4. The Panel Corner Bracket protect the corners of the solar panels from damage.
5. Reduces sharp corners on the solar panel and helps make protective storage covers easier to put on and off.
6. ABS plastic made, environment friendly and UV resistance. 

Apply Sikaflex-252 at all the contacts between the roof, solar panels and the mounting brackets.

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