LiFePOwer 20Ah 12V Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePOwer 20Ah 12V Lithium LiFePO4 Battery

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LiFePO4 Battery 20Ah 12.8V

Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate

Advantages against Lead Acid battery:
1. Weight: Less than half the weight of lead acid battery.
2. Discharge: Lithium-iron batteries are discharged 100% versus less than 80% for lead acid. Most lead acid batteries do not recommend more than 50% depth of discharge.
3. Cycle Life: Rechargeable lithium-iron batteries cycle 2000-5000 times or more compared to just 400-500 cycles in lead acid batteries. 
4. Voltage: Lithium-ion batteries maintain their voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of electrical components. Lead acid voltage drops consistently throughout the discharge cycle.
5. Cost: Despite the higher upfront cost of lithium-iron batteries, the true cost of ownership is far less than lead acid when considering life span and performance.
6. Environmental Impact: There is far less disposal and environmental hazard posed by lithium batteries compared to the short-lived and toxic lead acid batteries.
7. LiFePO4 battery is the most stable and safest among other lithium ion batteries.

  • 2000-5000 life cycles
  • Increased safety performance
  • High temperature performance
  • Green energy without contaminants
  • Pressure resistant cells
  • Constant output voltage
  • <3% yearly self discharge rate
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • No memory effect
  • Built-in battery management system (BMS)
  • 2 years warranty
Safety Protection:
  • Over charging
  • Over discharging
  • Short circuit
  • Thermal Shock
  • No fire and explosion
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Nominal capacity 20Ah
Power capacity 256 Wh
Max. charging voltage 14.6V
Discharge cut-off 11V
Charge current 10A
Continuous discharge current 20A
Recommended charging voltage  14.6V
Recommended float voltage 13.6V
Charge temperature range 0 C to 45 C
Discharge temperature range   -20 C to 60 C
Dimensions 180x77x175mm (7"x3"x7")  
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Cycle Life 2000 - 5000 cycles

*Up to 3 batteries connect in series for 24V or 36V battery bank. Multiple batteries can connect in parallel.

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